Sell your motorcycle

Sell your motorcycle

Use our knowledge, experience and network.

No hassle and surprises afterwards, just fast and well arranged.

Our working method

Thanks to a large number of connections, both domestically and internationally, we can almost certainly guarantee that we can sell your motorcycle quickly. The steps in which we realize the sales process are explained further below.

1. Appointment

Are you interested in us selling your motorcycle? Make an appointment. This can be at your home, or you can visit our company.

2. Minimum selling price

We agree on a minimum selling price for your motorcycle. We take care of the transportation and the negotiations.

3. Preparing your motorcycle

We prepare your motorcycle for sale and display it in our showroom. Then, we advertise on our channels for maximum reach.

4. DEAL,

Upon the sale of your motorcycle, you decide whether you receive the money in cash or through the bank. You will receive a digital clearance from us. Well arranged, right?


The price?

Is your motorcycle in good condition without any defects? Then it won't cost you anything! If there are any defects with your motorcycle, we'll first address them in consultation before we start the sales process.


The advantages

When you choose to have your motorcycle sold by us, we take care of all the additional aspects for you:

- No hassle at your door.

- All negotiations are taken care of for you.

- VTR Motoren advertises for you, so it won't cost you anything.

- Warm storage for your motorcycle.

- Payment is arranged for you. You decide whether you receive the money via bank transfer or in cash.

- Immediate digital clearance.

- You remain the rightful owner of the motorcycle at all times.

- Because we work closely with a financing company, the chances of selling are higher.

Back out?

If after a while you decide to opt out of our deal, no problem! We'll then either deliver the motorcycle back to your home or you can come pick it up from us again. Convenient, right?

Does our approach align with how you want to sell your motorcycle quickly? Feel free to contact us without obligation, we're happy to tell you more about the possibilities.


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